last night i discovered orville redenbacher’s cinnabon popcorn.  oh man.  it’s really good.  y’all should try it! 

the word is in and it’s official!  october 22-24th – raigan and i are going to california again!  road trip!  7 hours one-way in a car together!  her driving, me navigating.  josh groban, switchfoot, newsies, a walk to remember.  lots of chatting and laughing.  a couple Adventures in Odyssey episodes when we need a talking break.  and then universal studios all day saturday, breakfast on malibu beach on sunday…  can’t wait!  it’s gonna be great! 

friday night i hung out with the gang at andrew‘s house.  that was loads of fun!  i thoroughly enjoyed myself.  i spent most of the first half of the party in the kitchen baking cookies and french bread.    then kelley called and we talked for awhile.  that was fun!  she laughed good and hard at my jack sparrow story (see entry before last).  we played apples to apples.  that game with adam and ryan and andrew and sara and joe is garunteed to be funny!  lol

well, my computer at work died on me around 2pm friday afternoon.  like, totally died.  we couldn’t even log on!  it was not good.  without my computer, i’m literally dead in the water.  i may was well just go home!  i’m completely ineffective without it.  but the amazing mark converti came in and got it fixed in a couple hours.  which was good, but the loss of that 2 1/2 hours caused me to have to go into work saturday morning to finish up some things for sunday morning…  oh well.  at least i get time and a half for it! 

i broke down and bought the guys and dolls soundtrack.  i had rented it from the library, and during the time that i had it, i saved the tracks onto my computer so i didn’t have to carry the cd around.  i was planning to just delete the files when it came time to return the cd.  well, the time came and i was so tempted to keep the songs b/c i had really enjoyed them.  so i knew that i either needed to delete the songs right then and there, or buy the cd.  so i bought the cd.   


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  1. I’m not much for the flavored popcorn, I like my good ole fashioned butter popcorn.  And what is “apples to apples”? I’ve never heard of it? 
    Dead computers are no fun, I’m the same way at my job, without a computer I have no way of doing any of my work.  Luckily, I have not had to deal with that yet (knock on wood).
    I have yet to hear that soundtrack or see the play.  But I have heard good things, mayhaps I shall have to check it out.

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