funny conversation yesterday (somewhat modified from email):

sussy: hey andrea!  whoops!  i almost wrote “andrew”  that was close.
andrea: no problem!  andrew and i do that to each other all the time.  note to self: don’t marry someone with almost the same name as you. 
sussy: oh, it wouldn’t be that bad.  you could call him”w” and he could call you “a”!
andrea: ROTFL!  that is the funniest thing i’ve heard all day!  that’s hilarious!
andrea: well, andrew just got himself a new nickname.  “W”.    LOL


5 thoughts on “

  1. and you all were smoking WHAT when you had this conversation?  i mean, was it at the end of a long day or something?

  2. Hey there A…haha…good times, I think it would just be better if you married someone who you call by their whole name and not be limited by nicknames, but then again God knows best;)

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