i just bought this CD yesterday.  haven’t had much of a chance to really listen to it and read over the words.  i recorded it into my computer at work, but now when i try to play it, it plays a different cd.  weird.  i may have to redo it…  so for now, i’ll just have to listen to guys and dolls some more!  anyway…

well, it has begun again.  we have started watching alias, season 3.  we’re 8 episodes in and totally hooked.  it’s great. 

i might go pottery painting tonight.  i have no idea what to paint.  any ideas ppl?


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  1. self reflective pictures always look intresting. or something to do with red..or you could do a modern art piece combining capt.jack+peter-pan+christ+you=?

  2. uh, skuse.  pottery painting is quite the hip thing out here thankyouverymuch.  and if you keep bashing it, i’m going to take you when you come out and visit! 

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