is the coolest!  i’m needing to do some communicating with the secretary of our sister church in tijuana, mx, who doesn’t speak hardly any english.  and my spanish is not much better!  so what do i do?  type up my email in english, pop over to, two keystrokes and a click later, and i have my entire email in spanish!  it’s great!  and i can do the same with her emails to me!  now, the translation isn’t perfect, but it’s enough that we can communicate.  and it’s convenient and always available right when i need it.   

Edit: when i said it wasn’t all that accurate, i wasn’t kidding!  just now it translated what should have read “please ask your pastor” to “please ask your pope”!!  LOL

Edit (again): okay, so she never said “pastor” – she said “papa” or “padre” and it translated “pope”.  wow…


6 thoughts on “

  1. Comer el pez de colores escribir correos electrónicos pueden ser peligrosos a su salud y la mente.
    “Eating the fish of colors to write e-mails can be dangerous to its health and the mind.  “

  2. free translation definetly rocks. i used it occasionally for hw in high school… uhh… i mean…
    you definetly gotta read over it afterwards though and check if anything pops out at you as wrong.

  3. to my shame i used to use that for my freshman level spanish class for homework assigntments, its pretty decent but you def have to watch out for those translations…they can def be pretty special sometimes!

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