wow, these posts are becoming quite far and few between…  yikes! 

if you didn’t earn it, then you can’t lose it
had a fantastic conversation with nic on the phone last night.  i was so encouraged!  we talked about being free in christ and essentially the ramifications of justification on our life.  it was great!  new word from the convo: freefreefree (pronounced “tikeyuloby”; nah, just kidding.  pronounced exactly how it sounds ). 

keeper phrase from the convo: “if you didn’t earn it, then you can’t lose it.”  meaning, Christ earned salvation and God’s favor for us.  He did it all.  and if He did it, and it is complete and perfect, then nothing we do will ever cause us to lose that favor. 

keeper concepts from the convo: *Christ set us free.  we have the freedom choose to do good, or choose to do what we [now] know to be wrong.  as Christians, why would we even want to do what’s wrong?  but nevertheless we have that choice.  and in our sinfulness, we still make wrong/bad/unwise choices.  BUT….
*Christ died to set us free.  His perfect work on the cross that gave us the aforementioned freedom, also secured for us God’s favor, unmerited and undeserved, but given nonetheless.  and nothing we do will ever earn us more or remove that favor from us.  whether or not i had my quiet time this morning, i am still justified and loved by God.  now, again, as a Christian, why would i not want to spend time with God?  i do!  but when i don’t, i am still free and i am still loved and i still have received God’s favor and Christ’s righteousness, purchased on the cross.  and that will never change.  i didn’t earn it, and i can’t lose it.  praise be to God! 

ps – oh, and i’m not actually reading the play listed above.  i’m going to see it tomorrow night! 


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  1. we’re going to see that…in english class field trip..oh the joys of college…yahoo…pfost and luzzie are having waay too much fun

  2. That is something that I forget when I fall, that Christ loves me always and that He died and was beaten to forgive me and I just have to remember that and know that I can always turn to Him, becasue He never leaves me or forsakes me. 
    I may sometimes be a prodigal child and stray away, but God is always waiting for my return and will be there with open arms.
    Also, YAY for going to plays.  I haven’t been to a play in forever.  But I have never read Twelfth Night, mayhaps I shall have to check that out sometime…

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