pushing a cart through costco is like driving.  seriously!  you really should come to a full and complete stop at the end of each aisle, but few do.  look both ways to avoid pulling out and getting hit by oncoming traffic- i mean, carts.  if you’re going left, then you do not have the right of way.  and there are many different kinds of car[t]s out there.  most are midsize, but there are a few flatbeds out there.  and the senior citizens are no different pushing costco carts then they are on the real road. 

i love norman rockwell stuff.  always have.  since i was little.  we have multiple books filled with his paintings in them…  good stuff…


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  1. Hey Chica, it was fun having lunch today with you, we definitely need to do it more often =) . . . thank you for your encouraging words and for sharing your heart, I look forward to getting to know you more.

  2. andrea, whenever you are at costco i hope you partake in a slice of costco pizza. there is nothing better. honesly. the best pizza. granted i am assuming that in arizona they use the same recipe which may be too great of an assumption. let me know.

  3. once when I was in wal-mart I almost got run over by a little old lady who got her shopping cart going to fast and couldn’t stop.  I nearly died.  In wal-mart.  not in costco.  though that would have been just as bad, I suppose.

  4. YAY! Another Price Club oldschooler.
    [although. we call it Costco now.]
    Costco pizza is the same all across the country. I should know. I’ve been to. :: counts :: at least 14 different costcos around the US,  and my parents have probably been to 20+. Anyway. the Pizza is always the same.

  5. my siblings and i used to have undercover races through stores like costco. i’d push one sibling and marybeth would push the other and the goal was to follow without being seen. of course, you had to obey all the traffic rules. ha. homeschoolers. *grin*

  6. I love costco, its the only place in the whole world that has aisles wide enough to run and jump on the back of the cart and soar down the aisle going at ridiculous speeds, narrowly avoid hitting people, and best yet…the free samples around frozen foods. Its the best fun time ever!

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