mom and i joined a gym last night!  woo-hoo!!  and it has a 25m pool!!  ::dances around::  i wish i were a runner, b/c that is a great form of exercise that is free.  but alas, i really hate running.  but i love to swim!  so my mom and i found a gym with a good pool, so she can work out on the machines and i can swim.  early mornings start next week! 

it’s friday!  and crazy as ever, as usual.  but i’m happy.  tomorrow is going to be insane.  i’m the “day of” wedding coordinator for a friend who is getting married, so i’ll be bossing ppl around and directing traffic and pushing deadlines all day tomorrow.  fortunately my cousin nicole has agreed to be my right-hand [wo]man, so that will be great.  she helps me operate with efficiency and grace. 

sunday night i’m bbsitting and we’re going to watch peter pan (the new one, mind you)!  yipee!  i’ve been wanting to watch that again lately.  i do love that movie. 

have a splendid weekend y’all! 


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