well, i have a busy week ahead of me – full of fun stuff, but busy nonetheles! 

mom and i had our first day at the gym this morning!  and i’m feelin’ it.  for sure.  i swam for about 40 minutes, then sat in the spa for about 2.  wow.  my arms and legs definitely felt it and i was still not quite breathing normally in the shower.  one of those “it hurts so good” things.  at least i’m not running.  if i’m going to work out, then please let me swim.    and it will get easier as i get back into the groove of working out.  hopefully. 

so my cousin and i ran a wedding on saturday.  that was quite the experience!  it was a blast overall, with lots of laughs and stories and lessons.  throughout the day we were making mental notes of things to make sure to do/not do at our weddings, or any future weddings that we coordinate.  by far the funnest part of the day was being able to wear a walkie talkie on my hip with an ear piece running up my shirt to my ear.  i felt so official.    lol  actually, the walkies were a huge help for nicole and i to be able to communicate and coordinate from various parts of the church.  and i think most everyone didn’t see the glitches and bloopers and tense moments, which means we did our job.  and they got married!  what else matters!?  lol  it was great fun.  although i was totally drained by the end of the day.  my feet were killing me and i felt like i could have slept through till this morning.  it was weird b/c most weddings at our church, the reception runs until like, 10pm.  but this was an earlier wedding, and so nicole and walked out of there at like 6:30, yet it felt so much later.  we had several ppl ask us if we had ever thought about going into business.  initially i was like, “no.  i only do this kinda stuff for friends on occasion.”  but after working with nicole and actually doing it on saturday, we were both like, “hey that isn’t so far-fetched of an idea after all… hmmm…” 

raigan and i leave for california on friday!!  woo-hoo!!!  another 7 hours in a car together!  we’ll be staying with michael’s family again and doing Universal Studios all day Saturday.  Michael has to work Saturday night so we’re not sure what we’ll be doing on Saturday night…  any ideas anyone?  and we’d like to avoid sunset blvd.    sunday we’ll probably go have breakfast at gladstones on the beach (malibu) like we did last time, then hang out on the beach for awhile before heading home.  i can’t wait!   


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  1. LOL  that would be massively fun jana!  hey, i was thinking of doing a weekend trip to texas sometime after the 1st of the year – wanna meet me there?  or fly to texas via AZ?  i talked to ben applewhite the other day and he told me that a bunch of ppl are around now (including a certain J relative of yours?), so i thought it would be fun to go hang with the peeps for a weekend.  wanna go to?  sort of a mini reunion? 

  2. Saturday night I’m pretty sure I’ll be done with all my stuff around 7 or so… I’m going to the USC football game but that starts at about 3:30 and so it should be done by 7, 7:30… I could meet up with you guys and show you Westwood, maybe The Grove, something simple like that!  Anyway, I’ll figure out if I’m 100% able to, gotta make sure The Boss doesn’t have any plans for me, but that might be fun!
    Hope you’re having a good start to the week!

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