wow.  another good work out this morning.  day two of the new go-to-the-gym-and-swim routine with mom.  i must say, i feel much better today than i did on monday! 

last night i worked on my costume for the singles group costume party.  nope, sorry, i’m not going to reveal what it is.  but i have purchased a pattern and fabric and with mom’s help, i cut out all the material.  time to start sewing!   

k, gotta run.  so much to do…

and on top of all this, i’m leaving town for the weekend!  yikes!  let’s just say i’m totally looking forward to 7 hours in a car doing nothing! 


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  1. I need to start working out more.  I have started playing basketball again at least once a week, so that is a start.
    We are having a costume party here at work, and I am all set.  YAY FOR COSTUMES!
    I’m the same way, the drive is always one of the best parts of going to Cali. for me.  Nothing better than taking a long drive and listening to music and such.
    Have fun!

    Be forewarned: it has been really rainy all week and today is no exception.
    I’d tell you definitely I’d hang out with you, but I don’t know when I’ll be back from the football game… and I wouldn’t want you guys to have to meet up with me too late since you said you were going to the beach that next morning.  Arrgh football season!  Arrgh rain!  Go away so you guys can have a perfect day when you go to Universal on Saturday!  (You gotta tell us how that Mummy ride is.  I’ve heard nothing but crazy things about it.)

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