hey everyone – i changed my profile pic!  this was a random shot we took while doing my brother’s senior pictures.  an amateur photographer friend took ryan’s sr. pictures and at the end we needed to use up some film, so we took a few of us together.  anyway, i really liked how this one turned out.  isn’t my bro so cute?!  unfortunately he’s grown his hair out and it’s all shaggy and horrid now, but he’s still a stud and i love him! 

we leave for california in just a few hours!  3:00pm is the ETD.  can’t wait!! 


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  1. haha–I saw the pic before reading your post & my first thought was, “wow, so this is how andrea tells us she’s dating someone–her xanga profile pic?!” haha, but then i read that it was your bro. ya’ll are real cute!!

  2. yes, although he is quite the looker, he is my brother, not my boyfriend.   
    it’s okay sussy.  there are several ppl who really like ryan’s hair longer.  oh well.  he’s still a stud. 

  3. Man, your brother looks OLD.
    When I played against him in basketball he was still a scrawny freshman!
    Then again I was pretty scrawny then myself, even when I was a senior!

  4. LOL  i know.  remember when he had that bowl-cut and his hair “bounced” as he ran up and down the court?  and his glasses?  haha.  yep, now he’s a freshman in college.  crazy.

  5. Why is it that so many boys go off to college and grow shaggy hair?  We have that issue at our house too, boy’s with hair that look like wigs….must be in the water.  I guess I am either too female or too old to appreciate ‘those days’. 

  6. Part of it’s laziness. “Urrrrgh I don’t feel like going out and getting a haircut.”
    Part of it’s money. “Do I really want to spend 10 or 12 bucks on getting my hair cut when I could go get good food instead?”
    Part of it’s trendiness.  “Oooh, the shaggy look is IN.”

  7. Dude………..do NOT let your brother cut his hair!!! He looks so much better with the Shag….seriously I prefer the longer hair on your bro!!!This is a cute pic of you guys 🙂

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