bush has won it!  hooray!!!

my cousin becky found out this morning that they are having a BOY!  woo-hoo!!    it’s so amazing, it makes me want to cry… 

jessi and sarah and luz all spent the night last night!  what a jolly good night we had too!    luz and i made bunches of cookies till jessi and sarah arrived.  then we chatted and took a nice long walk in the brisk arizona night air.  stopped by the movie store and rented, “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton”.  what a silly, fun, girly movie.  we watched the election stuff until about 11pm, then popped in the movie.  afterwards we checked the election stuff again and nothing had changed.  so we hit the sack. 

i was up early to make sure that all three girls were off to a good start with cheesy eggs and orange scones.  the breakfast of champions.    it was sad to see them go after only 12 hours together (6 of which were spent is blissful slumber).  but now i have even more reason to go visit texas!  and i’m going to try and convince luz and jana and corrie and nic to go to texas with me for a little adventure!  we’ll see what happens…

go Bush!  here here to another four years! 


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  1. if the drive is 15 hours or less, I can make it in one day. over that, though, I’ll have to split it. which, of course, will cost me more because I’ll have to stop for the night because I’m not allowed to sleep on the side of the road.and also I’ll have to see if any great and grand plans can be fitted around my pre-existing travel schedule.of course, I know nothing about anything you’re thinking of, but just thought I’d throw my two-cents into the potential speculations.
    I’m so glad you all had a good time!!

  2. Amen for Bush winning…God is so good!
    Unfourtunately, all my classmates at school were acting like someone had died. My one professor even started crying she was so upset…pray for me!

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