well, we ended up watching Matchstick Men last night instead of The Hunt For Red October.  i was a tad bummed, but it was fun to see something i hadn’t seen before. 

WARNING: major plot spoiler to follow!  do not continue to read unless you want the whole movie ruined!

to be honest i was a little disappointed.  i think i had a bad set up.  my brother and clint said the movie had “a crazy twist” at the end, so the whole time i was watching it, i was totally reading into everything and analyzing everything and yet trying desperately not to so i would be surprised.  yeah, well, it didn’t work.  i didn’t necessarily figure it out, but because i suspected something from the beginning, it was kind of a let down.  i guess b/c i love spy/heist/twisty movies and such, a simple double-cross isn’t that amazing to me.  there was no “wow” factor to this movie.  it was like, “oh, it was all one big con.”  i was waiting for something like the Truman Show where you realize it’s all an alternate reality or something.  anyway…  so it wasn’t as exciting as i was hoping.  and i was kinda bummed the girl was “bad” if you will, b/c i thought she was really cute.     



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  1. I really like Matchstick Men.  Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors, when he isn’t being a sell-out, and Sam Rockwell is good in it also.  Alison Lohman pulled off the role of the young girl well, I really believed her as a 13-14 year old, even though she is actually like 25.  She is also good in Big Fish. 
    I haven’t had a movie night in a while.  Not since high school, I think.  This makes me want to have one, I just need to find some people to have one with…

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