went and saw The Village with anna spear and chanelle richardson (the two receptionists here at the office) last night.  fun times!  i’d forgotten how good of a movie that was.  props to kelley for making me see it while i was in maryland!    anyway, can i just say that the porch scene is so the best!  i love it! 

“why must you lead when i want to lead? …  the only time i feel fear as the others do is when i think of you in harm  …  that is why i am on this porch, ivy walker. …  and yes, i will dance with you on our wedding night.”

so good.

my brother cut his hair!  it looks… different!  i seriously had gotten so used to him with long shaggy hair that the short look almost seems wierd.  but i like it. and it makes his facial hair look better.  he looks more like he does in the profile pic now. 

i hate breaking in new toothbrushes. 


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  1. ohhhhhhhhh its now officially a day of mourning.  I am so sad your brother cut his hair………..He has lost major cool points with me.  Now the upturned collar is all he has left. *sniff*
    But I’m glad you like it…a sister’s opinion is always important.

  2. Upturned collar?  Geez, someone’s brother sounded like he was quite the emo-looking kid!
    I hate new toothbrushes too.  They always rub your gums wrong and you feel all sting-ey and no good for about the first week you’re using them.
    As for the last post about Matchstick Men… if you like that kind of movie, the mother of all caper/twisty/heist movies is The Sting.  Brilliant Robert Redford and Paul Newman movie from the 70s.  The train scene is classic, the big con is classic.  Such a great movie!  And it won 7 (not a typo, 7) Oscars.

  3. Man oh man.  Shaggy hair?  Upturned collar?
    Let me guess, he only just stopped wearing trucker hats.  🙂

  4. you like Peter Pan!! yahoo!! 🙂 it’s the greatest!! i hope they do a good job on the movie and don’t turn it into something wierd though. the Village sounds like a great movie. i still haven’t seen it! how’ve you been?? 🙂

  5. Only like one of my favoritest movies ever now because of the porch scene(I’m making up for the comment problem by backtracking now, so much to say!). I think we might need to watch it at some point when I come out over Winter break.

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