i made a blue plate with white snowflakes on it.  it’s so adorable!  for once in my life i painted something super simple!  and shockingly enough, my cousin becky painted something complex (a “cookies for santa” plate)!  there’s a role reversal if i ever saw one.  it was a little freaky. 

i’ve forgotten how much i love going to as-you-wish!  that place is like, therapeutic for me!  ::happy sigh::  okay, janet, now you and i HAVE to go!  i have a most splendid idea for next time!  i’m so excited! 

and while we were painting, they were playing all these 90s songs.  it was hilarious!  what was even funnier to us, was that many of the songs were songs that we use to jump rope to back in the day when we were on a jump rope team.  songs like, “footloose” and “the heat is on”.  to this day, i will always hear songs like “another one bites the dust” and “picture perfect” (a golden oldie by michael w smith) and be able to close my eyes and see various jump-its (for that was our team name) out there spinning their ropes and wowing all the little elementary age kids we would perform for.  those were the days… 



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  1. YAY! Ok I can actually post on your Xanga today…for some reason the past few times I have tried it won’t let me; hence the two eprops the other day with no comment from me. We def need to go paint pottery while I’m out in AZ I think I want to make my Dad a Xmas present there. What day or time works best for you?
    The plate you made sounds so cute and if I had any artistic bone in my body I would probably do the same thing. Instead I can admire you and your beatiful work đŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to see you! I’m in need of some Andrea catch up time. 6 more days! [grin]

  2. holly – well, i can’t take any credit for it.  a friend of mine (chris) made it for me.  but i think it’s pretty cool too! 
    janet – woo-hoo!  how ’bout next wednesday?  i could also probably do next friday (since i don’t have to work that day).  if we go on friday, i could go pretty much any time.  if we go next wednesday, it would have to be in the evening.  and the plate was not at all a product of my own creativity.  i saw it in a store and totally copied it!   
    i can’t wait to see you too!!! 

  3. woah!! you were on a jump rope team!? my friend and i always pretended we were on one. we’d seriously hang out on my driveway after school (1st grade maybe) and practice. too cool for school man.

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