i got to spend the weekend with the Tong kids last thursday – saturday.  wow, what fun!  i could totally go off about how much fun we had and how much i love them, but i shall refrain.  suffice it to say, we laughed a lot and friday night we even stayed up until 3am just talking and laughing and playing games.  of course, we paid for it the next day!  haha.  but it was worth it.  

janet comes tomorrow!!!  woo-hoo!!  hurry hurry!  i can’t wait!  as-you-wish and janet-time with janet-talk is calling my name!  phrases like, “and that really is unfortunate that he’s so OCD because that becomes SB in light of superfriendships.”  hahaha!  i love you girl! 

i really want to see National Treasure.  i’ve heard it is good. 

three cheers for a short work week!  thursday and friday off!  i love paid holidays…  although sometimes i’m not sure they are entirely worth the build up and stress that can accompany and follow them!  but, i shall not think about such horrid things.  i shall enjoy the holiday and deal with work later.  when i have to! 

happy thanksgiving everyone!! 


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  1. HAPPY THANKSPGIVING to you, too!
    I feel the same way about paid holidays and short work weeks, it can be a real pain…but those days off sure do feel good, though.
    I also would like to see National Treasure, it seems like it could be a fun movie.  I did go see Spongebob this weekend and that was a fun little movie.
    Hurray for friends and family!  You have someone coming in this week and for me I’m leaving on Friday to Cali. to go and hang with Mr. Chris Martin. 
    Anyways, have a good week and a great holiday!

  2. Today is the day and now I can actually post a comment on your xanga. I give up on the work computer! I can’t wait to see you and do some pottery painting together…woo woo. SB Andrea and Jan time 🙂

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