wow, what a weekend!  4 fabulous days of freedom!  and with paid holidays, what more could you ask for?  okay, dangerous question…

so many wonderful things happened…

– thanksgiving with the fam, grammy and poppa, uncle dale, clint croft and dan czach – mucho food
– worship music after dinner at the lyts’
– realized how thankful i am for the divine sovereignty that orchestrated some absolutely amazing and wonderful friendships that leave me utterly speechless
– worked out with mom and dad friday morning and then got dunkin donuts afterwards!!  woo-hoo!!  those are my favorite! 
– got my hair cut.  it was supposed to be a trim, but a tad more came off then was intended.  it’s a few inches below my shoulders.  shorter then my preference, but not the end of the world.  it’s different and i’m rather enjoying it.  not that i’d like to keep it this length or anything….
– went pottery painting again with janet!!  fun times!  i made this ADORABLE christmas tree platter.  wow, i can’t wait to see how the finished product turns out. 
– saw National Treasure – decent flick.  not the most original story ever (kinda seemed like a compilation of the mummy, raiders of the lost ark, and goonies).  the dialogue was rather lame and would have totally ruined the movie had it not been for riley – the sidekick character.  he seriously made the movie.  and all the american history in it was interesting. 
– slept in super late saturday morning.  i didn’t get up until nearly 10am!!  crazy…
– made death-by-chocolate and espresso brownies for luz‘s bday party
– threw luz’s bday party sunday afternoon.  i think it went off rather well!!  we had a very nice group of people and all the decorations and food and seasonal drinks really came together.  the brown paper covering the tables with crayons to encourage creativity and artistic randomness was quite the hit!  lol  bethany would draw a scene and then andrew would draw the postmodern version of it.  it was hilarious.  purple trees and green italian skies… 
– created a “coffee themed” mad lib to be filled out and read at the party that was funnier then i could have dreamed of!  utter hilarity ensued – from the evil Count Folder’s clumsy toenails carrying off Prince Starbucks, to the said count doing his laundry in Zurich, Switzerland and being thrown into a coffee grinder by the noble steed Joel Barr, and the Lady Latte painting crayons and cannibals in her garden as she sang The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.  wow.  yeah, it was funny.  i had to stop reading numerous times just to catch my breath and feebly attempt to regain composure as i was oft overpowered by fits of laughter.    it was great.
– by far, the highlight of the party was the look on luz’s face when i got to announce that a bunch of us had pitched in and gotten her 3 tickets to the noches de las luminarias at the desert botanical gardens in scottsdale.  she was totally surprised and completely thrilled.  that was the best! 

and now, back to the grindstone…

only 4 weeks till christmas y’all!!  woo-hoo!

the christmas music has officially been busted out!  all my favorites: steven curtis chapman, michael w smith, amy grant, 4him…  old school stuff but stuff i will listen to every christmas for the rest of my life!



5 thoughts on “

  1. Amazing weekend. Thanks for last night.  I’ll never forget the look either.  –Bonnie got a great picture of my bewildered face.  🙂  It was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

  2. I had so much fun with you this weekend! I am going to try and give you a call tonight if I am diligent and we can chat! Thanks for the fun times I can’t wait to see you in about two more weeks. woo hoo!

  3. Yay Christmas music!
    I’m a big fan of Perry Como’s Christmas stuff.  There’s this Canadian singer named Bruce Cockburn who has an amazing Christmas album too.  Really great songs.

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