well, i’ve got the sniffles.  and the sneezes.  and a throat scratchy with drainage.  yuck.  my head feels a tad heavier than normal…

in other news – my parents bought a car this afternoon!  my mom found it on the internet and she and i went and test drove it last night.  and they signed the papers for it this afternoon.  it is a silver 2002 hyundai santa fe with like, 12K miles.  it’s a nice car.  the previous owner took very good care of it.  woo-hoo!  finally…

i need to get a move on with christmas shopping.

my birthday is only 43 days away. 

it is flippin’ cold here!  the high on monday was like, 58 degrees!  okay, for some of you that’s not very cold, but for arizona in november that is really cold!!!  it reminds me of when we were in maryland back in march.  brrrr!!!

maybe we’ll get a white christmas!  oh wait… 


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  1. I guess its going around, cause I too have a sore throat, headache and cough. 
    Yay for new cars! I just had some work done on mt van…and it inda runs like new…But those Santa Fe’s are pretty nice.
    Christmas shopping…I have my list pretty much done of what I’m gonna get people, now I just need to go out and do it.
    Well, if your birthday is 43 days away that must mean mine is 41. Happy Early Birthday!
    For a native Arizonian, the weather we are having is darn cold.  I kinda like the cold, but I think I like the summer better.
    Was it last year it snowed in Scottsdale?  Anyways, I’m dreaming for one…

  2. No sniffles here.   I fffeel fffine, although, it is a bbbit cccold hhhere with tttemperatures settling at 30 dddegrees ttttonight.
    I haven’t visited your site in a while but today I got a unique experience.  I noticed a duet on the repeat of the song.  It was awesome.  For some reason, it only played that way one time through though.  Is this an original song and are you singing it?  I love it….still!  How much is the CD? 

  3. I’ve been feeling under the weather too, but if my parents got a new car, I’d be begging them to trade with me And as for 58 being cold… well… no comment.

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