It’s beginning to [smell] a lot like Christmas…

bar none, my absolute favorite smell of the season, is the smell of the christmas tree in our house.  the lovely scent usually permeates the entire house, filling our home with a warm sentiment that will forever be branded on my mind as the smell of Christmas.  ::sigh:: 

we went and got our tree tonight.  and like every year, we once again forgot how much of an ordeal the whole christmas tree evening is, and why every year we resolve to split up the buying-setting up-straightening-trimming-lighting-and-decorating of the tree into two nights, but always forget….  and tonight was no different.  one wal mart run and two fry’s runs later, the tree was properly “mounted” in the stand and the lights were on and all the happy little pine needles that decided they would rather take up residence on the carpet instead of their home branch were sent to vacuum-bag land.  and we decided to save the decorating for tomorrow night.   

this year, mom started really lobbying for an artificial tree.  of course, the bill didn’t even make it past committee, as the other three committee members vetoed the idea with a resounding ‘nay!’  ::crack goes the gavel::  dash the hassle, and dash the expense.  we always chalk it up to part of the season.  we love getting the tree and taking forever (or two nights) to finish it.  and the smell, oh the smell!  we could never do without the christmas tree smell!   

and once again, both parental units tried to present the idea of putting the tree in the large family room.  and in this case, the most persistent voice won.  so my shrieking and gasping and resolute “no!  it must go in the front room, in the bay window, so we can see the tree in all it’s loveliness when we pull into the driveway!  it’s so beautiful and storybook-ish!  besides, there isn’t a good place for it in the family room.  if we put it in front of the window (the only possible location), it will look like it’s totally sticking out!”  were not without effect.  and by the grace of God, wise and reasonable thinking (with a small touch of insistence on my party) prevailed and the christmas tree sparkles in all it’s glory through the picture window in the front room. 

i tried to make gingerbread people using a box mix for gingerbread (i am usually very anti-box mixes – unless it’s brownies of course – because i have a killer gingersnap cookie recipe, but we didn’t have enough butter, so… ), and it really didn’t work…  i gave up on the people early on b/c my gingerbreadman pan only made four at a time and it was getting late, so i switched to just regular cookies.  and the cookies look disturbingly like reindeer droppings.  they taste okay, but i don’t think i’ll be taking them into the office like i had planned…   

speaking of the office, i decorated my office today!  i wrapped two of my cabinets so they look like presents and set up a wee little christmas tree and put lighted garland along my desk and hung a large stocking on the door (which will mysteriously grow bulkier and bulkier as Christmas draws near…  ).  and tonight i decorated a wreath to put on the door too! 

i just love the Christmas season!


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  1. this year, mom started really lobbying for an artificial tree
    so my mom isn’t the only one 😛 But I agree — how could you have a FAKE TREE when you could have a real one and get all of that lovely, beautiful, christmassy, pine smell?

  2. Man, I can’t wait til I have my own house and can make such decisions and actually get to experience the buying/setting up/smelling of a real Christmas tree. Sadly, I’ve never experienced this. The fact that my mom is apparently alergic to pine is mostly to blame. But I’m going to start lobbying hard for a new artificial…we’ve had this one for as long as I can remember and, um, let’s just say that you can see the plastic trunk easily through the thin branches. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to complain; this post was most definately cheery.

  3. ah yes trees.

    let’s see what have we done in our family:
    an eleteric tree that changed colors..
    a grapefruit tree without the fruit..then again it didn’t have leaves
    and some other crazy stuff..

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