i think i lost my chatterbox.  brad wasn’t there to save it, so it went away.  oh well.  i think i can live w/o it for awhile.  it obviously wasn’t getting much use, so…

last night we had some ppl over for dinner.  charlotte, courtney and nicole (since trey is out of town this week), and, of course, clint.  that guy practically lives at our house.  it’s great.  anyway, quotable from the evening: “It’s a Wonderful Life?  the one with the angel wing…black and white…a bank?  yeah, i’ve seen it” -Clint.  LOL  well, that’s one way to describe it… 

i think i’m going to get my nails done…  they’re getting long and i need to get them done before i break one and then it’s all over. 

i’m hopefully going christmas shopping tonight!  i did my budget the other night and discovered that i have way more money budgeted for christmas than i thought i did!  yipee!!!  my favorite thing to spend money on is other people – hands down! 

holly nelson, i sent you *something* in the mail today.    (i sent it to your home though, not your college station address)

mama pfost, i sent you *something* in the mail yesterday. 

last night after all the company left, i was laying on my bed reading when ryan (my brother) came in and was whining for a massage.  i was about to get up to get in the shower, so i said no.  (plus, he was being a brat a few weeks back and wouldn’t give me a massage, so of course i had to pay him back )  so he threatened to pull out “the claw”, which always sends me into a fit of giggles.  it’s horrible!  i become so helpless.  not fair.  and then he layed on the bed next to me and then rolled over on top of me.  as i was digging my fists and elbows into his back trying to get him off – breathing was becoming a challenge! – he kept crooning “oh, that feels good.  over to the right a bit.”  which made me giggle all the harder.  so i gave up trying to push him off of me and just laid there.  we both just laid there, him on top of me, both of us staring at the ceiling, and talked for about 20 minutes. 

what a wierd and wonderful memory we made. 


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