i’m getting very close to being finished with christmas shopping!  close.  just a few more special items…   

hoping to get new glasses by the end of the year. 

okay, so the whole “getting my nails done” didn’t work out so well.  i had them done saturday afternoon.  and they looked amazing.  however, because i don’t like acrylics, i just grow my own nails out and have them paint my actual nails.  but the polish doesn’t stay really well on the natural nail, and by that evening they were already beginning to chip.  i touched them up sunday morning and they looked pretty nice again, but by this morning i coudn’t take it anymore.  i’m sorry, but as much as i love the look of beautiful nails, i can’t handle the high maintenance, and having to gingerly and delicately handle everything, or not handle it at all, because if i’m not careful, the slightest gesture (like tucking my hair behind my ears – no joke!) might chip the paint off.  sorry, i just can’t handle it.  so the beautiful french tips came off and a nice coat of simple clear replaced it.  so my nails my not look as nice but they are so much more functional! 

saw Ocean’s Twelve friday night!  i have not yet decided if i like it or not.  i definitely like the first one better.  but i want to see 12 again before i truly decide my opinion of it.  i won’t say anything more for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.  but i will say that it’s worth seeing.  if you liked the first one, that is. 


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  1. I feel the same way you do about the whole nails thing, I think I get a french tip on my nails like once every three years or so, on me they last like 2 days =( . . . so spending like $20 on a french tip manicure is not worth it for me, I wont even spend $15 for a regular manicure, i’d rather just do my own nails for free!, oh and I too HATE acrylic nails, they ruin your nails and make them as thin as paper, I definitely it is way cooler when you can grow out your own nails.
    I saw Oceans 12 yesterday (Sunday night) and I was rather confused, I think I am going to have to see it again, to fully understand it.

  2. New glasses? I need to get some for real, my eyesight has been getting increasingly worse…kind of sad that it has to come to glasses, but hey glasses are just another accessory to wear! [grin] Can’t wait to seee you! Only one more day…woo woo

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