all done with finals!!  oh wait…    sorry, with everyone’s posts about school and finals and all, i just couldn’t resist.  lol

did more christmas shopping last night!!  courtney richardson and i went out and i came home with mucho treasures!!  i officially have all the cousins done, although timarie’s and matt’s gifts haven’t arrived in the mail yet…

most wonderful treasure found last night (even though i bought it for myself): a Get Fuzzy Comic Strip page-a-day calendar!  right on!!!  woo-hoo!! 

i’m still trying to find something for my brother.  grr.  anyone got any ideas?   

and can i just say that i really love Barnes & Noble?  i know they have some horrible stuff there, but they just have so much fun and interesting stuff too!! 

janet arrives this evening!!  woo-hoo!! 


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  1. W – thanks einstein.  i did ask him.  and he either said “i don’t know.” or “PS2” which he has asked for every christmas for as long as i can remember.  one of these years i’ll get it for him, but my parents wouldn’t let me this year. 
    K – it’s been years since i’ve been to borders.  i don’t have one very conveniently located near me, so…

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