craziness.  christmas is over and life continues at ludicrous speed!

let us pause and talk about andrea’s christmas for a moment.  it was delightful.  nothing out of the ordinary.  since most of my extended family lives in AZ, we do pretty much the same routine every year.  christmas eve at grammy and poppa’s, christmas morning with the fam, late morning grandpa and betty come over, early afternoon the cousins come up from tucson, and christmas evening is with more cousins and uncles at grandma dede’s.  same old same old.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining at all.  i love the lambros christmas routine.  it’s just a simple repeated tradition every year. 

i got an adorable black wool pea coat!!  it’s so beautiful and i love it!  i also got a new cd alarm clock – woo-hoo!  no more horrible buzzers waking me.  instead, i get to be gently drawn out of sleepland by the beautiful voices of josh groban, david crowder, caedmon’s call, or whatever else i choose to pop in there.  good times.  i was splendidly blessed with a host of other wonderful gifts – clothing, watch, shoes, etc. 

i’m going to buy a digital camera as soon as i can.  i got some moolah for christmas too which will serve to fund the camera purchasing.   

tomorrow is my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.  isn’t that awesome!!  they’re not celebrating really big tomorrow – just dinner and my mom is surprising my dad with a night at a hotel.  but they are going to celebrate big in february with a trip to maui, hawaii!  i can’t wait – that will be so fabulous for them! 

i took down all the christmas decorations in my office.  it was quite depressing.  especially realizing how little time it took me to take it down, and remembering how much time it took me to put it up!  sheesh. 

this week is going to be insane!  i have thursday and friday off, which is wonderful, but i still have a good week’s worth of work to do in 3 days – including 1 big project and 1 smaller one.  and when i’m not working, i need to do some house stuff and then pack for pasadena!  i have quite an exciting weekend ahead of me – celebrating new year’s in pasadena.  thursday night is the formal party (for which i found a really great dress!), friday is the beach (malibu/santa monica), friday night is camping out on the streets of LA before the rose bowl parade on saturday morning (i’ve got to be crazy to go freeze my eyelashes off celebrating new year’s on a sidewalk in LA. let’s not think about it), saturday afternoon is nap time (hallelujah-praise-the-Lord, as janet would say), then a BBQ at the bairds (where we will be staying).  sunday morning is church at abundant life community church, which i’ve never visited before, so that will be particularly fun!  and we’re coming home sunday evening.  whew.  i’m tired just thinking about all that!  i can’t wait!!! 

and my birthday is only 16 days away!  woo-hoo!



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  1. Andrea, I am officially jelous of you, when I lived in So.Cal. we used to go and see the Roses Parade live, I tell you a lot of memories were made while sleeping in the freezing cold outside waiting to the parade =) . . . I hope you have a blast in California!

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