(this is a really great CD btw)

alrighty, folks.  the post on the trip is going to appear in pieces for a number of reasons – 1) i don’t want to bog you all down with reading a huge post, 2) i haven’t gotten my pix developed yet and i want to include them, 3) it’s just easier that way! 

on the drive over and back, the three of us girls (see pic below) compiled 2 top ten lists:

Top 10 Things We Hate About Road Trips
1.  bad hotel bathroom lighting (truly a girl’s observation)
2.  trying to accurately describe your trip to ppl back home
3.  having a limited wardrobe
4.  the drive home (often quite depressing)
5.  people who think they drive fast (aka completely deficient in freeway etiquette)
6.  cricks in your neck/not being able to get comfortable in the car
7.  unpacking after you get home
8. semis hogging the freeway
9.  rest stop bathrooms
10.  saying good bye

Top 10 Things We Love About Road Trips
1.  driving at night
2.  observing various scenery
3.  cat naps in the car
4.  listening to lots of music!
5.  eating out
6.  conversations!  long ones, shorts ones, deep ones, shallow ones, amusing ones…. 
7.  doing 85 on the freeway!
8.  outlet malls
9.  cruise control
10.  getting there!

oh, i guess you’re supposed to go from 10 to 1, not 1 to 10.  oh, well.  you know what i mean! 


One thought on “

  1. I totally agree/support your top 10 reasons for hating road trips–and road trips are one of my all time favorite things!  After reading your list I have to add my 2 cents:
    1.  Bad bathroom lighting–yes!  Men must have designed bathroom lighting systems–men who do not wear makeup!
    2.  Trying to describe your trip to ppl back home–no one understands the funny things that happened along the way if they weren’t there.  e.g.  the Call Box game in California.  Ppl just don’t understand why this is so fun if they haven’t played!
    6.  Cricks in your neck–and the numb feeling that you develop in your rear end after driving for several hours.  In my family we have named this, fanny fatigue
    9.  Reststop bathrooms–one word–ew!
    Glad you had a good time!

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