well friends, i am off to prescott for our church’s singles retreat!  woo-hoo!  i can’t wait!  the last 2 days at work have been almost exclusively filled with various tasks relating to the single’s retreat and now that i am done packing, i am quite excited!  the theme is going to be Biblical Fellowship.  i can’t wait to see what God does in me and in those around me during this weekend!  your prayers for our time together, as well as travel safety (we’ve already switched the location of the retreat once due to dangerous/snowy/bad/ditch-laden roads leading to the original locale), would be much appreciated.  see you when i get back!


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  1. Dear Andrea,
    Hope you’re enjoying your retreat!  Serendipity is interesting, sometimes sweet, but ultimately not (in my opinion) satisfying.  I felt so bad for John Cusack’s fiancee!  It was nice to see the idea of a plan, though, even if it was cushioned in a new-agey worldview portrayed by Kate Beckinsdale’s very weak character.  Something like Sabrina is much better, if you haven’t seen that one (there are actually two – one with Audrey Hepburn and one with Julia Ormand).  Or Charade, or something.
    God bless you! 

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