that i was almost named Amy?    yep.  i was born almost 2 months premature (my due date was march 6th, i think), and at that time, my parents had not yet decided between Amy and Andrea.  so, being the pre-me that i was, an emergency c-section was necessary for the delivery.  with my mom being completely under, my dad was the first to see me and he said, “her name is Andrea.” 

i came to find out later that, had my mom seen me first, she would have named me Amy b/c i was so small. 

and that was exactly 22 years ago today. 


17 thoughts on “

  1. Andrea! This is Case! I’m glad to have finally found your blog. (I am addicted to blogs).
    *clears his throat* Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday Andrea Lambrose. Happy birthday to you. And many more, on twenty four. And scooby doo, on twenty two. And Frankenstein, on channel nine. And that’s the end on channel ten. =)

  2. And a big happy birthday to you!
    Amy isn’t such a bad name.  But I think Andrea fits much better!

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