i’m alive!  i know all of you were beginning to think i was dead, seeing as i haven’t posted in nearly a week.  but, you can all be relieved.  she lives. 

thanks to all of you who left me comments on my bday!  that was fun!  i had a nice bday, with many pleasant little suprises throughout the day.  fun gifts waiting for me when i got in to work, raigan kidnapped me for lunch, a couple fun deliveries.  i got to go home early.  and we went out to dinner that night. 

thursday night nicole threw a party for me, which was really great!  so many ppl blessed me with not only their presence, but flowers, cards, words of encouragement, hugs, back rubs, and their friendship.  i am truly blessed beyond words. 

and life goes on…

i’m getting ever closer to getting that digital camera!  i found one that is really good for a decent price, but… okay, so call me shallow and superficial and girly…  i hate the way it looks!  i don’t like the color or the shape or the overall appearance of the camera.  so i’m not sure i’m going to buy it.  i’m going to look around a little more.  there is a nice one at costco that i really like for a bit more money, but my grandma blessed me with some bday money that i can use to buy it…  so, we’ll see.  if any of you come across any smokin’ deals, let me know!  i’d like 5 mega pixels if possible (although i’d settle for 4), and a larger LCD screen….  wow, i just really sounded like a geek.  haha.  oh well…

work continues to be crazy busy and i still love it.  although i discovered last week that i carry stress in my head.  the front part, in the form of a headache.  i had been getting minor headaches nearly every day and often wondered why, since that had never happened before.  well, i finally figured out that that is where i carry stress.  which is interesting since i’m not super stress prone.  i’m not easily stressed out, but when things at work get busy and a little intense, well, stress happens.  (and i mean that in the physical sense, not the emotional, spiritual one)  so i need to work on that…

alright, nothing more to post.  but pictures shall be forthcoming tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “

  1. 5 pixels? gee wizz andrea, what do you want to see? people’s freckles…

    just kidding..i have a nice 4 pixel camera…and you still can see freckles..

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