okay, reposting the post that i lost this morning, due to stupid “cannot find server” pages.  i hate those.  usually i can work around them, but not this time…  drat.  but anyway, here is another version (hopefully similar) of what i wrote this morning:

my life in pictures
i’m still on this photo bucket kick.  and i don’t even have the digital camera yet!  but we’re still hoping to get that soon…. 

anyway, yesterday afternoon becky and i made our usual somewhat weekly trip to Target.  but of course, we had to stop in at the Payless nextdoor.  And look what i got!

aren’t they adorable!?  i’m in love…

then at target, i found this on the clearance rack:

mucho cuteness!  i’m wearing both as i type this. 

i also got a green wire trashcan, but i won’t post a pic of that…

and of course, i can’t remember anything else that i was going to post about.  stink! 

i did my budget on my lunch break.  i always feel so great after getting that done.  being all caught up on the finances, bills paid, all receipts and expenditures accounted for… and knowing that i still have money!   

i painted the clock at as you wish!  it looks like this:

except the border is blue and the numbers are all different colors.  black and white was too boring when i had all sorts of fun colors to paint with!  seriously, who goes pottery painting and only uses black and white?  sheesh. 

i got up on time again today!  hooray!  4 [week]days in a row (started last wednesday)! 

my headaches have been considerably better, btw.  i haven’t had one at all actually, over the last 2 weeks or so.  today i have a little one but i think it’s b/c i haven’t drank?  drunk?  drinken?  much water today. 

i went to barnes and noble with bethany last night.  came away with many treasures!  check it out:

of course, with that last one, i got the edition with the cool green cover like they sell at the WVA booktable.  after reading sarah’s post on elizabeth bennet, i decided that i needed to read pride and prejudice again. 

oliver twist is just a special favorite.  i’ve always loved the play.  and i read the book forever ago when i was much younger.  it’s good.

never read mansfield park, but i like the movie (don’t tell jeff baldwin!). 

so those were my treasures from yester-evening.  but the best treasure by far was spending time with bethany!  we sat in the B&N coffee shop and chatted and caught up.  it was great. 

well, i’m sure i could wax boring about many other misc things, but i shan’t.  life calls. 


6 thoughts on “

  1. hah on drunk/drank/drinken. my brother used to have the hardest time with that…seriously! it’s kind of a running joke in my family now.
    and beautiful shoes!
    and, what kind of headaches do you have… migraines? how frequent? what do you take for them?

  2. Mad props for reposting…I usually get so discouraged that I don’t repost altogether. I almost bought that t-shirt too! It is uber cute 🙂 I also really like Mansfield Park. I may have to break it out again some time soon.

  3. hey, check you out!  i’d actually WEAR those shoes! and oooh ahhhh about the special special pottery painting.

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