Here she is!

My new cell phone!!  isn’t she beautiful?  i need to name her.  any suggestions??? 

so our new cell phones finally arrived yesterday.  i’ve got mine all activated and programed and useable now.  i just need to finish entering all my numbers (thankfully i don’t have too many) and figure out how to actually work the thing!  i spent about an hour last night playing around with it.  i’m so excited! 

oh, does anyone know where i can find cool/fun downloadable ringtones or program codes for ringtones?  i’m looking specifically for fun movie tunes. 

and my new phone/plan is Verizon!!  so all y’all peeps that have verizon phones – we can talk for free anytime!  woo-hoo!!  that makes me mucho excited, especially b/c i have several special friends that live in other states that i can now call whenever i want!  ::and the crowd goes wild::

my number is still the same, in case any of you were wondering…

and i have text messaging now!!!!  my previous, very old school phone, would allow me to receive txt messages but i couldn’t reply or send.  it was very annoying. it would taunt me by receving txts and then laugh in my face as i frowned over not being able to respond without calling the person.  well – ha!  i laugh now as i text away! 

so anyway, there you have it.  a whole post about my new cell phone. 

did i mention that i’m really excited?! 

oh, one more question – i diverge from the cell phone rant for a moment – does anyone know anything about the brand Samsung as a digital camera brand?  i saw this 7.1 megapixel samsung digital camera and really liked it, but know almost nothing about whether or not it would be good (i just like the features!).


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  1. I actually noticed your new phone today at prayer, I was going to say something but we were going to start prayer, but what I was going to say was “wow, I like your spiffy new phone” . . . I will have to be one your friends that you have to use up all those other minutes on, alas I have T-Mobile, but I am content with what I have, despite efforts by those who shall remain nameless (you know who you are *wink*)
    Hope you have a great day at work chica, See you Friday WOOHOO!!!

  2. the first name that came into my head was..mayberry..
    maybe..pfost..just kidding
    coco and creame
    clive staple
    glibert keith
    pumpkin piper..

    okay..i’m weird but hey…

  3. Okay I got it, since your old phone was called “The Batmobile Phone” how about “The Batmobile Phone Resurrected” no better yet call it “Robin” just to be cute, yeah I like robin. See this way you can be driving in the “Batmobile” aka your Santa Fe and have your trusty sidekick ROBIN by your side, eh . . . what do you think?

  4. Robin? after reading sussy’s post..i’m still thinking robin is a dull name for a phone..
    phones should present the personal style of the indivual who is caring it. case in point, my phone:
    my cell phone communicates i am a dull and non-entertaining person who has a hint of nostagia in them. besides this phone has survied alot…like my prom…being dropped a total of 20 times last tuesday…having the best signal of the staff team..etc..
    Robin? i appeal to the highest authority (your brother) in this matter..please , i beg of you..change the name of your cell phone..

  5. Yay for being on Verizon! We can talk for free which is a very good thing considering the size of my last cell phone bill :(. Bad Janet!As far as digital cameras go I am a little bias, but my little sony has served me very well. I think it has the best resolution of most cameras on the market. Also, the megapixel number doesnt matter it only mater when you want to reprint the pic. So really one only needs a 5.1 unless you want to make a huge poster of it. The guy at best buy was very helpful πŸ˜‰ I really am just spouting off someone else’s knowledge.

  6. ok hello.  you are naming your CELL PHONE?!?  andrea, my love, you need to get a life.  josh says “better yet, get a boyfriend.  to get your mind off of this ridiculousity, you need someone to lead you.”  we love you andrea! 

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