alrighty, in keeping the trend with my previous post, and in honor of
it being the day after Valentine’s Day, i shall now post some of the
lamest romantic lines ever. 
of course, my brain is failing me miserably and i can’t seem to think
of many….  so i would appreciate all y’all’s contributions!

i think sara had some good ones:

“you complete me.” Tom Cruise

 “Shut up..Just Shut had me at hello.  You had me at hello.” Renee Zellweger – from Jerry Maguire LAME-O

Julia Roberts’ line from “Notting Hill” – “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.”

any others? 


4 thoughts on “

  1. The “you had me at hello” quote sorta left my eyes a bit misty…. You didn’t find that cute? (blech) just kidding, even grammatically it’s confusing at best.
    Oh BTW you did forget one of my favorite funny/quasi-romantic quotes….
    Harold: “Marry me. Marry me for money, people do it all the time.”
    Susan: “Harold, that isn’t funny, and I have a great sense of humor.”
    Harold: Then marry me for love.
    Know what it’s from??
    A couple other favorite quotes from that movie are:
    David: oh so you work on Sunday’s now huh?
    His brother: It’s wednesday David.

    David’s Brother: I pay for your life; My life makes yours possible.
    David: I resent that.
    Brother: So do I!

  2. Sabrina.  Awesome movie.  Lame love lines?  Lemme think.
    “You, Sir, are supposed to be charming.””And we, Princess, are supposed to live happily ever after.””Who says?””You know … I don’t know.”  – AAAAACK!  I mean, um … ahem.  Danielle and Jughead – er – the Prince from Ever After.

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