yesterday felt like Friday and today feels like Thursday.  wierd.

anna gave me a dark chocolate bar for valentine’s day and it has been
disappearing at a frighteningly rapid pace.  yikes! 

caregroup tonight!  and in case any of you haven’t heard, it’s at
my house tonight, due to chris and tara bringing trevor home just
yesterday!  oh, and if you want to see pictures, click here.  thanks to jeff for posting them!

i saw an add in the paper today for this
show.  i can’t wait!!!  i’m going in April! 
woo-hoo!!  and i’m also listening to the soundtrack at the
moment…  “if you meet a gent / paying all kinds of rent / for a
flat that would flatten the taj mahal / call it sad, call it funny /
but it’s better than even money / that the guy’s only doing it for some

on a more serious note, i was pondering the concept of omnipresence the
other day.  you know, we often joke about wanting to be in two
places at once.  we joke because we can’t.  it is impossible
for us.  i was eating soup for lunch yesterday.  soup that my
mom made for the family’s dinner tuesday night.  but i didn’t eat
dinner with my family tuesday night.  i was out with a
friend.  while i was at wendy’s, at that same time, my family was
sitting at the kitchen table eating soup.  and as much as i can
envision that scene and probably tell you some of what happened, i was
not there.  i could not be there.  i was somewhere
else.  but God was there.  and he was at Wendy’s with
me.  fully there.  both places.  fully present. 
and as i focused my thoughts on this unbelievable concept, i was struck
again by the reality of how much God is NOT like me.  He is
completely unlike me.  in ways that i can see and experience, and
in ways that i utterly cannot comprehend. 

and it took my breath away. 


3 thoughts on “

  1. gosh I feel the same way, today really feels like Thursday, I think it is because I am used to going to concerts on Friday night =)
    btw, thanks for having cg at your house . . . love you chica!

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