starbucks nonfat tazo chai tea latte = happiness in a cup. 
especially when served in my cool new blue malibu tumbler from

and can i just say that the speakerphone function on my cell phone is
one of the greatest things ever?  it has served me tremendously
over the past two days!  i love modern technology…


7 thoughts on “

  1. Speaker phone on cell phones – or any phone – makes them way too much fun. After borrowing my dad’s phone for a week mine was broken made me rather discontent with the absence of such a feature on my little cellular.Casey – the chai definetly smells like pumpkin pie but I don’t think it tastes like it… which disappoints me greatly so much so that I don’t like chai at all.

  2. Does Nic ever make fun of your favorite drink at starbucks? Somewhere along in life, sombody told her that they heard a friend of a friend of a friend of mine say that I (in  previous years) liked the Vanilla bean frap. And this was immensely funny to her. I was just wondering if “nonfat tazo chai tea latte” fit into the realm of make-funable drinks??

  3. you know, i never noticed that it smells like pumpkin pie till you mentioned it. it does! but yes, becca, it tastes totally different. i love the stuff! and i convinced myself that it’s relatively healthy because it’s “tea.” yeah.

  4. I also am a big fan of the chai BUT have you ever tried a (no water) Gingerbread Soy Chai- or something like that.  Some starbucks lady suggested it so I tried it… very very good- and I do not drink soy milk.  But I doubt it was fat free….. oh well, soy fat is probably good or something.  try it sometime and let me know what you think. wow yummy 

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