The Theatre, The Theatre
(for some reason i can’t get anything to underline, italicize, or
bold…  i think it’s because i’m using a new browser and not
explorer anymore…)

raigan and i went to lunch after church (Red Robin) and then went and
saw Phantom of the Opera!  the movie version.  it was my
second time seeing it, and raigan’s first.  wow.  i enjoyed
it even more the 2nd time around!!  i picked up on many things i
hadn’t figured out the first time, and i was able to appreciate a lot
more of the artistic beauty in it.  little nuances and details
that really communicated a lot (Christine’s innocence, etc.).  it was great.  what a tragic
and melancholy and moving story.  i felt almost emotionally drained
at the end. 

phantom is coming to gammage this summer!  i would totally love to
go, but i’m not sure if that is a possibilty….  i’ve heard
tickets can be extremely difficult to get, plus they’re probably rather
expensive.  hmmm…  maybe i’ll look into it just to see…

speaking of shows – Hale Center Theatre in Gilbert (where our singles
group saw A Christmas Carol) is doing The Sound of Music next
month!  i totally want to see that one.  the Hale theatre is
really cool b/c it’s a theatre “in the round” where the stage is in the
center of the room and the seating rises up all around it.  it’s
very unique and always interesting to see how they do the choreography
given the different set up. 

and of course, Guys & Dolls in April! 

and because i’m sure you are all curious, Guys & Dolls, Oliver!,
and the Sound of Music are probably my 3 favorite shows (out of the
whopping dozen and a half that i’ve seen!  lol)  ah, the


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  1. you must be using monzerella…i mean monzilla…if you click on the items you want (ie. bold/ltalic/underline), it will do it..then you got to go through the hassel of fixing the stuff and..yeah its kinda annoying..

  2. ooooh I wish I could go see The Sound of Music, its one of my favorites! Maybe if I do come out next month we could go see it if it is still playing!

  3. I’d love to go see Sound of Music!! You should set up a group.
    Oh, and with mozilla and without premium, to bold and italicize you have to type “text” and “text“. Yeah, it stinks. It usually works to type it all up with your formatting in Word and copy it into xanga. (then you don’t have to worry about losing it in cyberspace either)

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