oh the irony
i was at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight having wings, potato wedges, and a n/a margarita with my cousin nicole.  the UofA vs WA state basketball game was on the big screen (hence the reason nicole was there.  i was there for nicole.  )  other sports and misc programs were blaring from TV screens in every corner of the room.  and i had “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera stuck in my head!  lol

speaking of which, i really want the Phantom movie soundtrack.  but i think it’s on its way as a late bday present from a friend so i shall just have to be patient.

ralph and i have bonded.  he gets cuter by the day.  what?  oh, Ralph is the name of my car.  what?  you thought it was named Robin?  well, it was.  was.  but upon closer inspection and after driving him around a bit, i decided that he just wasn’t a robin.  nope.  just didn’t fit.  so robin will have to wait for later.  Ralph it is.    and like i said, we are bonding.  he has quite a bit of character and we’ve already had several memorable experiences.  for instance:

–  i gave him his first full tank of gas this morning! 
–  i’m actually excited to give him a good, deep cleaning!
–  i’ve driven with the emergency brake on 3 times now, i think (i’m not used to the break being between the seats!)
–  i’ve stalled, let me count…  well, let’s just say 1st gear and quick clutches are not my strong point!  lol 
–  i’ve already started a list of things i want to do to/in him!  making Ralph mine…
–  i’m definitely going to have some strong ankles after a few months of driving him! 

working woman
i felt like such a working woman today.  i worked a little late (2nd to last person to leave the office), ran and errand, went home and changed, then hung out with nicole at a sports bar-type place.  weird.  i can’t imagine doing that on a regular basis.  ick.  i love having a life and a family!  and i’m so glad that my ultimate calling here on earth is in the home, not the workplace.  (not that it’s wrong for women/moms to work, i’m just not called to do it for the rest of my life and i’m looking forward to one day staying at home full time!)

well, that’s that.  life is crazy and full and wonderful.  God is good, all the time, despite my unfaithfulness and sin, he remains the same – completely good, completely faithful, completely just, completely merciful, completely loving, completely God. 

out of millions lost, thank you Lord for saving me


6 thoughts on “

  1. That is so cool that you got a car!!!  I am so happy for you.  Ruphus (my car) and Ralph will have to meet one day!  How did you get him??  What is the story?
    Oh and Nicole likes basketball???  That is my favorite sport!

  2. “and i’m so glad that my ultimate calling here on earth is in the home, not the workplace. ” ralph….haha, that reminds me, i knew a guy named ralph…

  3. I think there called “Virgin Margaritas” but who cares. And you have my sympathy with the whole stalling bit. I myself had trouble when first learning the stick, and stalled many a time (with many a horn a blarin, and many a face a glarin). But you will get it down. Just takes time….Oh and tell Ralph he has my prayers that he lives to see the 2nd week with his new owner

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