(P.S. – watched this movie last night.  very odd.  creative and interesting, but odd nonetheless!)

for the first time in quite a long time (a good year and half at least), i am home sick with the flu.  yuckiness.  sunday night i got home from the movies (saw Hitch – not a bad flick, i rather enjoyed it, actually) and within an hour, my body just went downhill.  the shakes, the chills, the sensitive skin, the hot flashes, the aches…  i went to bed pretty sure that i wasn’t going to be going into work the next morning.  and sure enough, the next morning i was at 101.2 temp.  blech.  i was hot and cold and my head was pounding.  my whole body ached and i couldn’t get comfortable.

and just as i was being tempted to bemoan my discomfort, i was reminded of the several people i know who deal with this kind of struggle on a daily basis.  i know people with fibromyalgia (a degenerative nerve disease), arthritis, lupus…  their bodies ache far worse than mine, and they feel this way every single day.  some of them have felt so for years.  my perspective was immediately adjusted and i resolved not to complain.  therefore, i am going to instead post the blessings and kindnesses of God that i have been seeing and experiencing over the last 24 hours:

– i got to see what my mom does all day!    now this might sound strange to some of you, but since my bro and i are gone most days at work (me) and school/work (ry), i really haven’t seen what my mom does during the day in quite some time.  so that was cool.  she listens to a lot of health talk radio, which would drive me crazy, but i definitely benefit from it when she knows what to give me so i feel better!  lol

– i also got to spend some time with my mom.  although it wasn’t quality, sit-and-chat time, just being around her was great.  i miss her so much when i’m at work. 

– i was able to listen to the Les Miserables stage soundtrack, in it’s entirety, straight through.  now seriously, when would i have had time to do THAT?

– paid sick days!  hooray!  while i would still rather not be sick, and i’m fighting the temptation to not be sinfully anxious about all the work that i’m not getting done at the office, at least i’m still making money!  haha!

– i have once again been reminded of the value and gift of a full night’s sleep.  sunday night it felt as if i slept a grand total of 27 minutes the entire night.  (i’m sure i slept more, it just didn’t feel like it!)  so as i went to bed last night, i prayed that God would allow me to sleep through the whole night.  and in His kindness, He did.  sleep truly is a gift.  again, i know ppl who struggle to sleep well at night.  i am so blessed that i do not have that problem. 

today i’m feeling much better.  amazing what a full night’s sleep, a hot shower, brushing one’s teeth, and an abundance of God’s undeserved grace can do!    the fever’s down, though not completely gone.  i’m up and moving (although my mom insists that i not do too much!) and feeling much better.  the head is a bit congested and the throat is sore, but praise the Lord i am on the mend. 

God is so good!


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  1. paid sick days, eh? i guess that’s the perks of being a church secretary…
    did luz (or myself) ever tell you about “Sunday Night”. it was an old radio show from Northwestern Unveristy. Basicly it was a clean family show, with music and skits (kinda like SNL). well one of the skits was “Church Secretary”. where the church secretary sovled mystries and stuff. then again, the only mystery i know of that happens at sgc..is the “memo” one..but i saw that at the men’s retreat.

    hope you feel even more better..

  2. Hope you feel better chica, I know exactly what you are feeling right now…btw thanks for putting things in perspective too, we are blessed that we don’t have to deal with this on a daily basis, Praise The LORD for that !

  3. I hope you feel better. :)I really like the movie Big Fish, you wouldn’t expect it to be good but I enjoyed it. It made me cry though at the end.

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