praise the Lord i think i’m in the home stretch!  i got a really good night’s sleep last night.  all the other yuckiness is gone except the cold part.  so i feel much much better.  i actually feel better the more i move around.  it just wears me out quickly so i can’t do too much or get going to quickly!  haha.  and for those of you who know me, you know that that’s not too easy for andrea!  lol  it’s been really good for me, though. 

so except for some coughing, a stuffy head, and a bit of a sore throat (basic cold symptoms),  i feel great.  i’m really hoping to make it to church tomorrow.  partially because i miss everyone, but mostly because i just really hate to not be there!  hopefully tonight will bring more rest and healing and i’ll be well enough to go. 

thanks for all your prayers and comments and encouragements!  they mean so much!! 

PS – oh, so i was watching Guys and Dolls last night and it got to the part where Adelaide is explaining why she has such a bad cold “in other words/just from waiting around for that little old band of gold/ a person can develop a cold” and “in other words/from waiting to see if the wedding is on or off/ a person can develop a cough.”  i looked at my mom and said, “so THAT’S what’s wrong!”  hahaha!


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