well, we’ve had a relapse.  yes, the fever had broken wednesday afternoon… and it returned in low grade fashion thursday morning.  so here we are at friday night and i’m still down for the count, fighting mostly congestion and a head/chest cough.  and between the constant blowing of my nose and the coughing fits, my stomach feels like it’s been turned inside out.  yucky stuff.  i can’t believe i’ve had this for 5 whole days!  seriously, the last time i was sick for this long, was when i had the chicken pox at age 12!  that was 10 years ago!  crazy… 

it’s such a bummer that reading is tough to do when you’re sick, especially with a head cold.  all this extra time and i can’t handle reading for more than an hour or so.  today i listened to a couple Adventures in Odyssey.  that was fun.  “A Name Not A Number” is one of my all-time favorites, so of course i had to listen to that one.   

i also pulled out some old kid shows that i had recorded off the TV when i was younger.  primarily Colby’s Clubhouse (i used to LOVE that show) and Wishbone (::happy sigh::).  wishbone was seriously one of the best shows ever made.  i watched that one religiously.  saw them all.  loved it. 

peppermint tea has become my best friend.   

i feel like kathleen kelly on You’ve Got Mail following tom hanks’ advice, “fight!  fight to the death!”  i’m off to fight this cold some more… 

it’s all for the best.


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