and we’re back on track!  praise God on high for His mercy and
kindness.  i am much much better.  still coughing a bit and
blowing my nose, but overall, feeling alive again! 

went and saw “The Pacifier” last night.  i really liked it! 
i thought it was cute.  it was entertaining, funny, and
clean.  some of it was really cheesy, but somehow i didn’t realize
it was cheesy until i thought back on it afterwards…  but i
didn’t mind.    sometimes you have to endure some
cheesiness in order to enjoy a clean flick.  and i’ll gladly do

did and hour and a half of damage control on my desk.  whew. 
praying for more grace today, which He’s promised to give.  
moving forward in faith…

feels good to think clearly again! 


4 thoughts on “

  1. So you’re finally over that “cold?”    In all seriousness, I’m glad to hear you’re better.

  2. that’s a really lovely picture of you. sorry to hear you’ve been sick but glad you’re on the mend. seems like the bugs have been hitting hard all over the place.**doffs her cap and vanishes**

  3. I can’t wait to see that movie!! I am glad that you are finally feeling better. Did you get my message on your fam’s answering machine telling you I hope you felt better. Ya know… one of these days you will pick up, I know it deep inside I know it. I know it. I know it. *if i say it enough think it’ll happen…nah I didn’t think so either, but I have to keep trying*

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