it’s getting warmer!  woo-hoo!! 

time to bust out the shorts! 

i’ve started needing to use the air conditioning in my car…

when i go to park, i’m definitely on the lookout for *shade*, as my windows aren’t tinted

and since easter’s just a couple weeks away, it’s jelly bean
season!  the pastors will be happy.  they love it when i have
jelly beans on my desk for them.  lol

spring is here! 

funny side note: remember those cookies i was going to make, referenced
in the previous post?  yeah, they flopped big time.  for the
first time ever, i spaced it and forgot the add the baking poweder and
the salt.  hahaha!  they were rather flat and
tasted…odd.  not bad, just not like chocolate chip cookies are
supposed to taste.  oh well.  what was most humorous, is that
it was a *guy* who asked, “did you remember to add the baking
powder?”  haha! 


2 thoughts on “

  1. not fair!! it’s still pretty durn cold here. blah. in the words of kelley – ‘summer can come, like, yesterday.’loves!

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