his name is Andrew Calvin Ross.   

and whether or not they did, i’ve just decided to believe that they named him after me (seeing as how Andrew IS the male version of my name!). 

i took several pictures last night at the hospital – i’ll post them soon!

~”Auntie Andrea”


5 thoughts on “

  1. Cool! Congrats! And is the part of the formula that you saw as being incorrect the inconsistency of time=money and money = evil?

  2. Yeah, cmon we want pictures of the little Ross…. A perfectly good time and reason to use the new digital camera….. I saw the algebraic proof that girls are evil on Ian’s site…… and your comments…. he he.
    Strong feelings on the hypothesis, huh?? Did you trip on the way down from the soap box…..
    Hey, just joking, not meant to be taken seriously, I just find it funny when a joke (which the formula obviously was) turns into a serious (or semi-serious) conversation topic…. It just struck me as funny all of the sudden…..

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