finally!  pictures of andrew! 

here is becky (mom) holding andrew about 4 hours after he was born (doesn’t she look great?!  there’s hope! lol):


here is close up of him.  i doubt you can tell very well in the picture, but in person, he definitely has the [tucson] lambros family nose, but matt’s eyes.  he’s so cute!  (sorry about the blurr)

here is another shot of becky holding him.  i think this particular picture is one of my favorites…

and here is one of ME, the proud and beaming aunt andrea, holding him.  aww…  please note the fun t-shirt becky made me.    (it say’s “auntie” in case you can’t really read it)

he loves to have his hands up near his face.  when you bundle him all up, if you wrap him with his arms down against his body, he gets upset.  but if you wrap him with his hands fisted and pressed up agains his cheeks, he loves it.  it’s super adorable! 

so that’s my nephew.  sorry i haven’t taken more pics.  perhaps i will later.  i’ve stopped by the house several times to oo and ah over him and hold him, and remind him of who i am and that he was named after me.   

g’night all!


12 thoughts on “

  1. Auntie Andrea!  Auntie Andrea!  Read me a story!  Chase me up a tree!  Freak out with mommy when daddy throws me up in the air by my legs!  Gasp when I bring you a present, that also happens to be a large bug!  Make mud pies with me!
    Good times ahead, dear one!

  2. In my opinion all babies look like little gnomes when you first see them because of the way there all bundled up and the liddle hats. But he is very cute , and oh yes you can take credit for the changes in my wording of the comments and props etc.Twas a very good idea.. thanks

  3. praise the lord for new life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you’ll make a very good, God desiring, nephew loving, happy days enjoying, auntie.congrats to you… oh, and also to the mom. what a wonderful *wonderful* blessing. . . the best kind 🙂

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