happy easter everyone!

at the 24:7 corporate mtg friday night chris read this [fictional] narrative about the crucifixion that was really amazing.  provoked by it, i have been pondering something lately…  in some ways, i will never fully be able to comprehend all that Christ did for me on the cross, because i will never have to experience the full wrath of God the way He did.  i have never had to look into God’s cup of divine wrath and be faced with having to drink it.  Christ did.  Christ took the punishment that was mine, that i deserved.  and as amazing as that is, my understanding of this divine sacrifice is extremely limited because i don’t fully know what he took for me.  i only know it in theory, not in experience.  it’s not as if i deserved to be spanked given or some other punishment that i have felt before, thus, i can relate to what my subsitute is experiencing and thus appreciate they’re taking it for me.  the perfect and just wrath of a holy God poured out on wicked and despicable sin, separation from communion with my maker, utter enmity, His back turned against me – these things i have never “suffered.”  because i have been spared that awfulness, in some ways i feel almost hindered in my worship of Christ because my understanding of His sacrifice for me is incomplete…  does that make sense to anyone? 

and yet i know that God is completely sovereign in His design of my body and mind, and in His plan of salvation.  so i will trust that although my perception seems so incomplete, it is so for a reason.  [as Rich preached this morning]  it makes me long for heaven, for there my understanding will be so much more full!  and as Spurgeon said “we worship where we do not comprehend.”  so in my lack of comprehension, i will worship.

i think easter sunday is one of the funnest clothing days of the year!  everyone always looks so pretty at church wearing bright colors and new clothes!  i wore a new skirt and sweater thingy.  i must say, my outfit came together quite nicely.  i was pleased. 

and i also resolve to never buy my husband, nor allow him to wear, pastel purple or pink shirts.  never.  ever.  (no personal offense is meant by this comment – my own father was wearing a light purple shirt, much to my chagrin)

i doubt the guys can relate to this, but girls – do you ever see cool looking desserts or foods or recipes and think “that looks so neat, but i doubt it’s possible to make unless you’ve gone to like, 12 years of culinary school in france”?  well, i thought the same thing about making chocolate cups and leaves.  but, despite my reservations, i decided to give ’em a shot yesterday.  oh. my. gosh.  ladies, there is hope!  these things are super easy to make!  seriously, they were a… okay, i was going to write “piece of cake” and then thought the better of it.  check ’em out:

i can’t wait to experiment with more stuff like this – different fillings and such.  ah!  i love doing stuff in the kitchen! 

went shopping with janelle yesterday.  found several treasures.  can you tell i just love being a girl? 




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  1. Awww Andrea…I like it when boys where pink shirts 😉 But def not purple, I am not a fan of that at all!Happy Easter babe! The cupcakes look very yummy. I talked to kelzai today about your trip out and I am going to try and get in some “andrea/janet” time 🙂 Cant wait to see you 🙂

  2. Dear Andrea,
    Good for you for enjoying being a girl – that’s fabulous.  And yes, nice result on the chocolate cups. 
    It does make sense that you feel that your worship of Christ isn’t everything it could be, but to say that it’s “hindered” seems a little dicey.  It is enhanced (and possible) because of that sacrifice that we do not understand.  Maybe we will when those who do not follow Christ are judged? 
    Thanks for the comment, by the way!  Drop by again soon.  🙂

  3. andrea I promise I will never purposely where a pastel purple shirt or pink shirt. But I might at times accidently wear one.

  4. yay for loving being a girl! the cup cakes look great … I think on the list of colors dads/husbands (no one) should ever wear is neon yellow – my dad has these shorts he just won’t get rid of!!! although i think my dad looks nice in pink. but not purple! And I think i know what you mean about fully worshiping Christ. I think in Heaven we’ll see the whole picture, i don’t think i could ever fully understand it now, but in heaven we’ll be able to worship as He deserves.

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