can i just say that i really love the little ceasar’s pizza kit pizzas?  they totally hit the spot sometimes.  okay, most times. 

hey everyone, i’m bringing this up one more time before i get the ball rolling – does anyone want to go see Phantom of the Opera this June at Gammage?  so far, adam, christy and possibly janelle (and of course, me) are planning on it.  we’re looking at june 11th, 18th, or 25th.  probably the 11th will be the first choice, but given the popularity of the show, we gotta be flexible.  so leave me a comment, shoot me an email, or give me a call if you want to go.  oh yeah, tickets will probably be around $60. 

work has been great this week!  glynn and wayne have given me some great tools and encouragement about how to increase my effectiveness and it’s been so helpful!  i’ve also changed my hours.  i’m working 8-5 now (previously was 8:30-5, no lunch break) with a lunch break from 12-1.  so if any of you are interested in meeting for lunch sometime, let me know!  and now that i have a car, that is a definite possibility!  the last two days of taking whole, hour-long lunch breaks have really been nice.  i’d forgotten how refreshing that was, since i chose to just work through my lunch breaks about 8 months ago.  now i get to come home, see my mom, eat good food, relax, play the piano, read, sit in the sun, make cards, chat with mom, check email, or anything i feel like doing!  it’s splendid.  and i feel so refreshed and better equipped to take on the afternoon.  praise God for smart bosses who make their secretaries take lunch breaks! 

i should be working on my budget right now, but i stopped at matt and beck’s to chat with her and hold Drew (he was wide awake and alert and squirmy for awhile, and then he fell asleep in my arms!), and now the evening has gotten away from me.  i think i shall do some reading and “save” the budget for Saturday… 


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