you know, i don’t consider myself a gullible person.  and if you
talk to those who know me, they would affirm that i am not exactly
known for being easily fooled.  don’t get the wrong idea here –
i’m not a skeptic, but i’m also definitely not one to rush forward and
believe just anything i hear.  there is some small sense of
discernment about me.  BUT – and there is always a but – there
seems to be one person
in this world who, somehow, without fail, can always sucker me into
completely believing the words that come out of his mouth, without even
a fleeting thought toward possible dishonesty.  none.  even
when i have been particularly conscious of the fact that games are most
likely afoot this day.  i don’t know how it happens, but somehow
he gets me every time.  

what’s even worse, is that i typically, and unwittingly, set myself
up, walk right into it, and in my ignorance, pick it up and run with it
(translate: think to myself, “oh that makes sense!” and babble on),
while [i’m sure] he sits on the other end of the phone thinking, “this
is just too easy…” 

and of course, today was no different.  ::sigh::   it’s not fair.

(i keep telling myself that one day i will get him back, and get him
back good, but alas, my confidence in that vow tends to wane a bit with
each episode of foolery he plays…)

fair or not, at least i am provided with hilarious anecdotes to
recount which supply amusement to last the whole day long…


6 thoughts on “

  1. Telling us you got pranked, but not telling us how?  Boooooooooo!  Tell the prank, tell the prank!

  2. chris – it’s a long story with a fair bit of background involved, so it really would be difficult to tell the prank.  and believe it or not, the fact that he got me – yet again – is actually more humorous than what he did. 
    zach – yeah yeah whatever.   

  3. Dear Andrea,
    That’s great – always nice to have friends to liven up things.  🙂  Are you sure you’re not subconsciously wanting to be fooled?  Have a great night,

  4. I can’t believe you are listening to Josh Groban!!!  I opened your Xanga….saw his face and then had to get up and take a 10 minute break to compose myself enough to read your post! HAHA
    Glad you aren’t afraid to admit that you listen to his music, though.  I will admit that when he sings it gives me the creepy crawlies!

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