yeah, so, haven’t posted in awhile.  my apologies. 

MY COUSIN GOT ENGAGED THIS WEEKEND!!!!  the excitement cannot be contained!  nicole marie lambros is going to marry jonathan better-be-a-decent-middle-name baird!  wow.  words fail.  i’m utterly thrilled. 

last night she and i went to barnes and noble and looked at bridal magazines.  talk about FUN! 

Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!  <– happy squeal

they’re looking at octoberish for the wedding. 

which means i get to be bridesmaid again! 

which means she’s going to be moving to pasadena!

oh.  let’s not think about that part.  (today becky – her sister – said that it just means that we’ll have to go visit every month.  i might be able to handle that…  )


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  1. yay for nicole and jonathan! =)
    no…I don’t have a license =P but hey…I blame it on my older sister she’s 21 and she doesn’t have her license either. Okay…so that’s not really a good excuse and yeah its quite pathetic I don’t have a license…but I will! hopefully by summer πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations to Nicole, and as Casey would say, “much wootage filled the land” . . . Jonathan is one blessed man, make sure to let me know if you girlies need my assistance in anything =0)

  3. katie – alright.  well, by Together ’05 i’m expecting you to have your license! 
    sussy – that’s hilarious – “much wootage filled the land”  wow.  i wonder if the next dictionary they produce will have the word “woot” in it.  haha!
    meghan – okay, i approve.  Allen is quite decent. 
    janet – i KNOW!  for the love.  i was so disappointed when she called me last saturday and nothing had happened…. 

  4. It is very exciting!  Jonathan and Nicole were both so happy on Sunday!  It will be great to see them married (and great to have her down here but we are not talking about that)  It would be great to have you guys here in Pasadena once a month.  Also looking forward to Together ’05  (and Katie will have her license by then I will make sure!)

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