well, the play last friday night was fabulous!  the whole evening was absolutely delightful and i had a splendid time.  getting all dressed up (or, in the words from the play, “dolled up”), good food, the best of company, one of my favorite shows, celebrating a birthday (not mine), encouragement and excellent fellowship with friends…  as Gershwin put it, “who could ask for anything more?”  special thanks to john and bethany for a most memorable evening! 

i leave for maryland in exactly one week!  woo-hoo!!

and paz’s blog made me think of this – maturity and growth is not the absence of crazy/funny/try anything/out-going behavior.  rather, i think maturity is demonstrated by the ability to discern between crazy and stupid, and  between outgoing and foolish.  knowing the difference, and also the right time and place for such antics, is the mark of maturity, not the complete absence of any of that behavior.  for if that were not so, then there would be no hope for some of us!  lol

on a similiar line of thinking, i believe that contentment is not the absence of wants or desires, but rather, it is wants and desires in their proper perspective – not desiring them more than God, and not considering them necessary for happiness/joy.  for (again, like in the previous paragraph) if contentment meant that we did not desire anything that we did not have, then could any of us claim contentment ever?  and if that were so – contentment could also become dangerous or possibly sinful, as we should always be desirous of, and wanting to pursue more of God himself.  when it comes to our relationship with God, contentment should be avoided, and discontentment with our knowledge and closeness to Him should be present and pursued. 

so there’s my two shillings…


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  1. getting dressed up is so much fun! I wish I could do it more often. I hope I get to see you when you come out, its looking to be a busy weekend. I cant believe its one week away [grin]

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