i love kids. 

especially two-almost-three year olds.   

i babysat taylor daukas tonight.  and we made a fort.  do you remember forts?  i remember forts.  forts were the best!  at our old house we had these barstool chairs that were rather tall, so they made the best fort posts.  tonight we used the dining room chairs and the comforter from mom and dad’s bed.  it was great.  taylor kept calling it her house.  “let’s go into my house!” she would say and i would follow her army-crawl style into the house, carefully voiding the broomstick in the middle which provided the majestic vaulted ceiling.    we ate dinner in the fort- er, i mean, her house.  and we pretended to sleep.  it was great. 

alas, we had to clean it up before bed time, though, which is always so anticlimactic. 


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  1. Sarah and I built one with Gracie Sims not long ago, and it stayed in the middle of the living room for a full week, despite the fact that we had used all of the dining room chairs in the process, and had to eat standing up.

  2. Ah… forts!  There wouldn’t have been one week without forts while I was growing up.  Like Jessi, I too had forts up for weeks sometimes.  Good days.  One day they’ll be back, Lord willing.  P.S.  I always enjoy reading your site.  It is ever so peaceful.

  3. FORTS! So much fun, I felt like I relived some of my childhood by reading that entry. The saddest part about making them was taking them down 😦

  4. Do I remember Forts! Holy Cow do I! Me and my english friend Sandy used to make gigundo pillow and couch forts. We had interlocking doors, retreat rooms under tables….Ahh it was great. I envy you

  5. Why must we take down forts? I suggest that we leave them up! All the time!
    *rubs his hands greedily together* … mwuahaha hahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. I LOVE FORTS!!! er, I mean, loved–I loved them.
    P.S. If I remember correctly, the right way to clean up a fort is to pretend that its under attack. (can you tell I grew up with brothers?) But that might not work with sweet li’l Taylor 🙂

  7. I remember building forts, then I remember tearing them down. It took us hours to build it with sheets and rooms, then we’d pull at the dart guns, and next thing you know all the sheets are on the floor, along with the stuff that was holding them up.Taylor Daukas = Cutest little girl in the world. And if I had my old computer I had all the info from my old HD I would post a picture right here. But I don’t.. yet.

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