random schtuff

i got my hair cut today!  yesssss!   

i sneeze like my mom.  yep.  i do. 

my mom is the greatest.  in case you didn’t already know that.  she is.

thursday night i was making bran muffins and after tasting some of the batter (like i always do), the left side of my bottom lip began to swell.  it was very odd.  it hurt a tad and felt very bizzare.  i put on some chapstick and let it be for about an hour and eventually it went away.  then, last night it started swelling again, right after i had eaten some chex mix.  both times it was on the inner side of my lip and felt like there was some sort of odd reaction going on.  so my assessment is that i have/had a canker sore or something and it was reacting to the salt in both foods that i had consumed just prior to the swelling.  it’s weird because i very rarely get canker sores – so rarely that i don’t think i would know what one was if i had it.  thus my puzzlement over the swollen lip.  ANYway…

just got back from a lovely walk to michaels/starbucks with becky and baby drew.  aaawwww.  he’s just so cute!

tis the season for iced tazo chais from starbucks.  but alas, at $3.something a pop (and the fact that they’re basically just sugar, milk, and chai concentrate), we going to need to limit andrea’s intake of those this summer… 

happy saturday y’all!    


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