i leave for MD in the morning!  yay!  don’t have too much fun without me, ya hear?    i’ll be home late Sunday night…

Ralph has been entrusted to the hands of luz.  i know they’ll have some adventures together.  already have, actually.  apparently, ralph was unwilling to relinquish the key this evening until luz pushed the magic button, which i forgot to tell her about… 

i’d appreciate your prayers while i’m gone.  this week has the potential to be challenging physically and emotionally, so i would covet your prayers for extra strength and grace, as well as discernment and objectivity.  thanks!


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  1. have a great time! I’m actually leaving for Denver tomorrow morning too…maybe we’ll run into each other at the airport 😉 What airline are you on?

  2. Hello almost fellow co-worker . . . I will be definitely praying for you this week, I am certain that God will use this week to show you more of Himself, His love, care and providence in your life.
    See you when you get back chica!

  3. I’m excited for you 😉 Meet a dude ok?
    JUST KIDDING. I hope you learn tons and will be praying that God blesses the trip in every detail. (That includes flight delays, the kid behind you who’s kicking your seat, in-flight movies, and turbulence)

  4. Have a safe trip and have the best week you can.  I know what it’s like… this week for me has been torturous and probably the most difficult week I’ve ever had… and we’re only to Tuesday night!  Hang tough.

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