please note the “currently listening to” entry.  yes, i have the Lion King soundtrack going in my car.  and i must say – “ah, the memories!”  yeah, i know, the words to most of the songs are totally lame-o neo-modern junk, but the music is so fun!  i love soundtracks, and i personally think that disney has produced some great music. 

and this soundtrack seriously brings back some great memories!  …playing some of the songs for the elementary age kids who were filing into the cafeteria of their school and getting ready to watching our jump-rope team get up and perform.  (i have a feeling i just raised about a half-dozen questions with that revelation.  oh well…)…  seeing it in the theatres!  …singing the songs along with our friends from England who had really liked the movie …quoting some of the lines at just the right moment – “the monkey’s his uncle?!”  ANYway…

today was INSANE at work.  we were getting ready for the bullmore seminar and we seriously cut it closer than we’d ever cut it before.  i am vowing to NEVER let that happen again.  it was crazy.  yeah, never again.  but the seminar went off swimmingly and i was very encouraged – and from what i heard, so were a number of others.  yay! 

k, i’m off to bed…


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  1. Do not be ashamed Andrea I have that soudtrack too!  My friend gave it to me when I was 14 and there are so many memories behind it!  Thanks for answering my Together ’05 question that was very helpful.  I am looking forward to seeing you!

  2. My two-year old neice is addicted to that movie. (she gets all upset-even cried once- when Mufasa dies and likes to fast-forward through “Be Prepared.” so cute) The songs are very fun (even if the content’s bad).

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