what is your favorite day?




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  1. I’ve ranked them:
    1. Saturday: because Sunday’s tomorrow!
    2. Wednesday. last day of school for the week
    3. Fridays.
    4. Sunday (night) 😦 Monday is all too soon.
    5. Thursdays. I like Thursdays, but they have a way of turning on me all of the sudden
    6. Tuesdays, cram for Wednesdays (yuck)
    7. Mondays. *shudder*

  2. Sunday. because of church. fellowship, and truth preached and sung. need I say more?Friday is a close second, b/c college/caregroup (which is this week! yay!! majorly looking forward to it!) – ditto the reasons for sunday.Monday, generally a quiet day at work :)Wednesday – am prayer meeting and the pastors are in!Saturday – sleep in and read…but then, I’ve always liked Thursday as well… and tuesday’s not too bad…Probably my absolute fav., though, taking all things into consideration, is Friday – crazy and hectic tho it can get, I love it anyways! 🙂

  3. Friday.
    Because it’s usually the last official work or school day of the week.  And also because it has a “Friday Night” attatched to it.  Most of the fun stuff happens on Friday nights with a Saturday morning following.  Too, I just have fond memories associated with Fridays.  Vacations commencing, weekly lunches with Dad, overnights at a friends house, the anticipation of the weekend.  So there you have it!  !Me gusta viernes mucho porque amo vivir la vida loca!  (I don’t know if I even worded that correctly… it’s been a year since spanish classes.

  4. “I don’t care if Monday’s blue.  Tuesday’s Grey and Wednesday too.  Thursday I don’t care about you, it’s Friday I’m in Love.”
    Friday all the way 

  5. Saturday!  I sat around last night and thought up the best nights I have ever had, and they’ve all fallen on Saturday nights.

  6. Weds. I don’t know why, except that Weds. usually end very well for me. It’s like a small blessing from God. Yes Weds. are definitly my favorite day.

  7. Some sunny day around mid-October when the leaves are laying in heaps on the grounds, and a sharp wind rattles through what’s left on the trees, and the only reason the sun is warm is because you’re outside in it, raking leaves, picking apples, and burning bonfires. And when you go inside, there’s soup that’s been simmering in the crockpot all day, and fresh, hot applesauce with cinnamon.that’s my favorite day.

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